Welcome to the world of Belerath, where we set our scene. From the rolling deserts of Solmath to the lush jungles of Narwain, from wars of honor and bloodlust in Karash Huruk to political struggles in Thrimichath, from the obvious might of the Emperor of Hisime to the more subtle power of the Shade, adventure and intrigue lurks behind every corner.

Use this website to help coordinate your adventures in the world of Belerath. The Calendar will have listed our next session as soon as it is decided. The Characters page lists notable NPCs as well as keep a record of all living Player Characters. The Wiki holds information about house rules, and everything you need to know about the various kingdoms and regions of Belerath, from Paela to Skyreach.

Any time you miss a session, drop on by to read the most recent adventures in the Adventure Log. If you want to know what your character was doing during that time, drop a comment. Use this site however you need to best enhance your game experience.

Enjoy, and venture on.