Legends of Belerath

State of the World
Aftermath of the Third Rise

The Third Rise had profound impact on the world. Hisime was cast down as a world power, and its lands lie burnt and sundered, now divided in occupation between Thrimichath, Lithe, the Halfling Nations, and the young kingdom of Rogrk, which united Mgrik and Hnnglk.

Rogrk, under order of King Roger, has conscripted the former Master Politic of Hisime and many others of the Bureaucrat caste to act as advisers in the youthful days of their nation. Thrimichath had taken the Archmage of Hisime captive, but Lord Magus Saul released him to live freely in the human kingdom. The grateful Archmage traveled south to avoid persecution, and is said to have taken a teaching position in the Acadamae. The high elven Champion-at-Arms was killed in the fighting, but many of his chief generals were taken captive by Lithe, and transported back to the homeland, where their fate remains unknown. Finally, the Artisan Supreme, living in the quarter of the city occupied by the Steel Folk of the Aidan Confederacy, leads peaceful protests of outside rule and lobbies for the release of his people.

Lithe rules over their portion of the former empire with an iron fist, enacting vengeance against the hated High Elves in the form of forced labor, building a wall around their territory and slaving away doing heaven-knows-what for the Aristocracy. The Steel Folk police their territory at the behest of their Halfling masters, keeping the peace but allowing for limited freedoms of the people. Thrimichath treats their conquered land as a missions frontier, trying to reach out to the high elves to accept Loro’Mir’s divine light while simultaneously taxing the life from those they try to reach. Lord Bishop Barrison Carth worked in both avenues in the territory until his assassination, which led to increased security. Since then, the territory is a police state, locked down by Knights from Thrimichath, where even the slightest misdemeanor is punishable with extreme prejudice. Rogrk, after conscripting any important or useful people in their territory and taking any loot they wanted, set the people there free and left. It stands as the one free bastion of the High Elves left in the world, as impoverished as it is, but each day they fear for their freedom, as the threat of Lith invasion becomes more and more real each day.

Fallowhearth lost many of its largest trading centers during the war, with four major cities being destroyed, but it continues to rebuild, and with of the Revered Dead at their beck and call the Cabal has already reestablished a firm power base.

Solmath took heavy casualties from the war, and lost some of its northernmost territory to Lithe immediately after, but stands strong against further incursion. A king has now been found, and the second rules no longer. However, not all agree with the King’s rule. The Sons of Adahm have grown stronger than ever, and threaten to overthrow the King with their increasingly bold operations.

Rogrk stands strong, despite its youth, and there are rumors that Roger Worldsbane himself has found a way to live long past his natural life, and still sits on the throne as the Eternal King of the goblins. These rumors are as of yet unconfirmed.

The Aidan Confederacy, suffering more and more raids from Goblin pirates as the days pass, have been hard at work supplementing their navy with mighty new ships, and have begun sending military escorts along with trade ships.

Lithe, enraged at Leph the Neckbreaker for breaking his oaths and swearing to Thrimichath, declared war against Thrimichath, but as of yet has not acted on their declaration. Rumor says they are building an army like none the world has ever seen, but the rumors are unconfirmed.

Thrimichath lost many to the Five-Fingered War and to the Third Rise, but prospers under King Aegherdt the Hero despite it all. The power of the church has become even more impressive since the rise of Lord Bishop Carth and his subsequent martyrdom at the hands of high elf assassins, though church authorities frequently clash with the King. The Knights Innumerable are on constant alert to guard against further threats, especially from the nation of Lithe.

Gwaeron has become home to droves of Orc refugees from the Third Rise. The elves have proven very hospitable and welcoming, but after all this time racial tensions have been mounting, and at some point a boiling over is inevitable.

Karash Huruk remains a wasteland, but the Akhar clan, after the death of Kaldur-Akhar, has grown to prominence, and has united the warring barbaric tribes under one banner. The new motto of the nation is Khamt Narand, roughly translated as “Together to the Sun.” A regimented and orderly lifestyle has been established in the barren land, and the Akhar clan, led by the High Chief Zonagh-Akhar, works to ration supplies and train the populace to serve their country with passion and zeal as the orcs move forward into a brighter future.

Narwain has regrown its vast jungles, and repeated incursions into Dwimmerlaik have forced the populace of the fief to live in fear. Diplomatic negotiations have proven impossible, as any emissaries sent to reason with the wood elves have been returned without their heads. Lord Diplomat Leph Neckbreaker himself tried to go to speak with them, but that only fueled their hate. The King cannot commit troops to a full-scale war lest he risk vulnerability to Lithe, but the Blackguard Rangers have remanned the Wastewatch Wall, and work tirelessly to protect the people from the vengeance of the xenophobic elves who fight in the name of the Burned Wood.

Into the Wilds

Our new campaign is coming up fast and the Waste is ripe and ready to be explored. If you haven’t already created a character, be sure and do so. Build them at Level 1, and make sure to hit up the Roleplaying and Mechanics page to check out some cool bonus features based on the nation you were raised in, as well as some extra options for Classes, Races, Subclasses, and Feats.

Remember, this campaign is all about exploration, so keep that in mind while building your character. Also, bear in mind that this is a player-driven campaign, so any time you have a quest or task you want to do, it’s up to YOU to organize a party and let me know. These things will happen on a first come, first serve basis. So if you want to explore the old ruin down the river, make sure you tell me before Joe Schmoe tells me he wants to hunt dragons in the forest.

With that said, a few quick notes on character creation:
- Try and keep it fairly serious in tone. Nothing wrong with joking here and there, but joke characters will be rejected.
- Kobolds, Oriasi, Minotaurs, and Centaurs are all now available for play, but they must hail from their own nation of origin, for now.
- Kobolds, Minotaurs, and Centaurs have no access to magic of any kind. Oriasi can only use divine magic.
- Resurrection of any type is barred.

If you have any questions, text me and I’ll get it sorted. Have fun, and keep adventuring!

Webs of Fire and Dying Lights
(Tactics are for Losers)

The Prisoners

After much debate, The Prisoners decided not to slaughter the women and children of the local goblin tribe.

Despite much debate, Asher did it anyway. Thanks to these heinous acts, the High Elves stranded in the woods offered their aid to the prisoners, naming them friends of the Imperial Wave, and the two groups set out for the Spider Tunnels.

Arriving to find the spider tunnels crawling with, well, giant spiders, they group braced themselves for a fight… but they were not expecting a giant giant spider. The giant giant spider caused some giant giant havoc, and as her offspring swarmed the Prisoners, they were in for a giant giant bad time. In an attempt to distract the spiders, Asher set the webs ablaze.

At first, the plan seemed to be a good one, as the spiders began to burn. But then the fires reached Tori Quick, whose backpack was filled with explosives… well… they exploded. Only three of the Prisoners survived, and only two of the Elves made it out, where they continued on, making it to a nearby Dwarven city.

The Heroes

Meanwhile, in the port city of Aravon, The Heroes sought out the druid Reidoth Herring, believing him to have inflicted a disease upon Captain Leslie Shakespeare. Herring denied his involvement, but suggested they travel to Gwaeron, where he had heard tell of an impostor who had stolen his identity to hunt drakes. He sent with them an elf monk he had in his employ, and suggested they hire a mercenary in town.

Bringing the two with them, they traveled to Gwaeron, where they encountered a platoon of Orcs led by a high elf slaughtering a band of entertainers. Leslie Shakespeare refused to let this atrocity go unanswered, and called down the force of lightning upon the platoon. Amazingly, the Heroes used the added mobility granted by their horses to stay out of range of the Orcs, routing them without loss. During the fight, The Rogues appeared to aid them, and repaid them five times the gold they had stolen from the group before the Vampire War.

Together, the two groups then sought out a drake, and killed it. At that point, Graven Bestial used the drake pearl from its throat in conjunction with a necklace he had in a ritual to rid the world of magic.

The Funeral

The Funeral of Gannon Barner was a bleak affair, attended by only those who he had named as beneficiaries in his will. Those… and one other. An elf thief made off with much of Gannon’s collection, but the attendants of the funeral pursued him through the city to a warehouse.

It was there that they fought a small group of ambushers, agents in the employ of the Shade, the mysterious figure that oversees a network of crime that reaches the world over. The battle with the thieves was short, but decisive, and the discovery of a cache of strange artifacts in the Warehouse resulted in one of the party, a telepath by the name of Oris, becoming possessed by a powerful entity and disappearing.

Upon returning to Barner’s Estate, the party discovered that Gannon’s body was missing. In its place was a torn cloth attached to a clasp inscribed with a pair of eyes – the symbol of the Shade. Following the strange advice of the wildling Dwarf Du’uh, the group followed a squirrel in pursuit of the body, which (according to the Dwarf), the squirrel had said got up and walked away.

This pursuit led the party to Skyreach, where they met Pale Morgan of Yd’Palequoth, who was meant to attend Gannon’s funeral, but was busy in Skyreach. Together, they search for clues as to Gannon’s whereabouts, but seemingly without fruit…


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