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Legends of Belerath

From the rolling deserts of Solmath to the lush jungles of Narwain, from wars of honor and bloodlust in Karash Huruk to political struggles in Thrimichath, from the obvious might of the Emperor of Hisime to the more subtle power of the Shade, adventure and intrigue lurks behind every corner in the world of Belerath, and only one thing is certain: Information is power.

In service to the Most High, Loro’Mir, we here collect all the knowledge of the world, so that light may be shed on the darkness wherever it may be found. Light be upon you, friend, as you learn the legends and history that have forged our world into what it is today.

History of Civilization

A timeline detailing the history of the known world from the first recorded evidence of civilization to current day.

Kingdoms of the World

A record of all the nations in the known world, including their history, legal structure, and a map of their lands.

Heroes and Legends

Tales of the mightiest men and women that ever walked the earth, from Knight-Paladin Lawrence to Feolfe the Hated.

On Gods and their Worship

Details on the religions of the world, whether false or true.

Factions and Organizations

A categorical index of notable movements and organizations.

Songs, Poetry, and Other Written Works

A collection of the most notable of Belerath’s written works of art.

Roleplaying and Mechanics

The basics of each race of Belerath and the rules for creating any type of character imaginable.

Main Page

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