Legends of Belerath

Into the Wilds

Our new campaign is coming up fast and the Waste is ripe and ready to be explored. If you haven’t already created a character, be sure and do so. Build them at Level 1, and make sure to hit up the Roleplaying and Mechanics page to check out some cool bonus features based on the nation you were raised in, as well as some extra options for Classes, Races, Subclasses, and Feats.

Remember, this campaign is all about exploration, so keep that in mind while building your character. Also, bear in mind that this is a player-driven campaign, so any time you have a quest or task you want to do, it’s up to YOU to organize a party and let me know. These things will happen on a first come, first serve basis. So if you want to explore the old ruin down the river, make sure you tell me before Joe Schmoe tells me he wants to hunt dragons in the forest.

With that said, a few quick notes on character creation:
- Try and keep it fairly serious in tone. Nothing wrong with joking here and there, but joke characters will be rejected.
- Kobolds, Oriasi, Minotaurs, and Centaurs are all now available for play, but they must hail from their own nation of origin, for now.
- Kobolds, Minotaurs, and Centaurs have no access to magic of any kind. Oriasi can only use divine magic.
- Resurrection of any type is barred.

If you have any questions, text me and I’ll get it sorted. Have fun, and keep adventuring!



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