Knight-Errant.jpgYou not only travel the lands in search of adventure, glory, and honor, but are also embarked on a personal quest in the name of a person, an organization, or an ideal. Your quest has taken you across many different locales, leaving behind many friends and quite possibly just as many enemies. You have traveled many years alone, briefly working with others while undertaking your quest, and now you have come to a fork on your road. Perhaps you have spent many years trying to accomplish your quest to no avail and are now seeking to help others who may in turn help you, or you might have just finished your last quest and you are now seeking to start a new and more challenging one.
Work with your DM to come up with the nature of your quest or use the table below for some inspiration. Are you embarked on a quest given to you by a great lord or lady? Perhaps you are seeking to prove your worth to your home city? Do you perform deeds in the name of your faith or an ideal? Or do you seek to perform heroic deeds worthy of fable and song?

Every Knight-Errant has a quest they are embarked on while they travel the lands. Chose a quest you are on or roll from the table below.
d8 Quest
1 You are searching for a long lost holy relic.
2 You seek to destroy a great evil plaguing the lands you travel in.
3 You are seeking a lord or a lady to serve as a vassal or platonic love to represent.
4 You are trying to find a lost person important to you or the organization you represent.
5 You are trying to find a mythical beast to slay to prove your worth or help a people endangered by it.
6 You are looking for a fabled or mystical site such as a sacred grove or a lost city.
7 You are searching for the arms or resting site of a champion of yore.
8 You seek to find a legendary weapon or armor.

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Athletics
Languages: Two of your choice.
Equipment: A trophy earned from a previous quest (you may roll from the trinket table or make one up yourself), a set of traveling clothes, a belt pouch containing 10 gp, and a tabard or banner emblazoned with the coat-of-arms of an organization or person you represent (you may roll from the coat of arms table or come up with one yourself).

d6 Coat-of-Arms
1 Those of a lord or lady you serve currently or formerly as vassal.
2 The seal of your hometown, city, or kingdom.
3 Those of a platonic love you represent or represented.
4 Those of a fraternal organization you are part of.
5 The symbol of a deity you worship or a religious organization you are a part of.
6 A set of ideals you identify by and its symbolical representation such as a lion representing nobility.

Feature: Knight in Shining Armor
Your years traveling the land in search of adventure have honed your ability to find those in need or find the help needed to aid those you are helping. Whenever you are in a moderately sized settlement or larger your intuition tells you where there is someone in danger or in need of help, and also where to seek for help if you need it. Furthermore, the many honorable deeds you have done over the years have given you a look that makes non-hostile people feel more trusting towards you.

Variant: Knight of the Round Table
Your have spent many years adventuring together with a band of other knights fighting for the same cause. You always know where to find a fellow knight whenever you are in a medium settlement or larger if one is found there. Also, whenever you go into an area where a fellow knight has been you can immediately spot clues of who it is and where he or she has been. Lastly, tales of your band’s heroic deeds have traveled far and wide making many non-hostile people eye you with admiration.

Suggested Characteristics
d8 Personality Trait
1 I always take on challenges and set goals that are quixotic in nature.
2 I often go into long and nonsensical rants for no reason at all.
3 Whenever possible I always take quite a bit of time to take in and enjoy my surroundings.
4 They say my eyes shine in the sunlight the brightest, or at least that is what I tell my love interests.
5 I am prone to give long and eloquent speeches, especially after a drink or two.
6 I always try to behave like the stalwart knights of tales and legends.
7 Beneath my hard outer armor lies a soft and gentle soul.
8 I feel extreme desire to help those in need and rid the world of evil.

d8 Ideal
1 Faith. I always trust in my faith and abide by its tenets.
2 Strength. I intend to be the strongest under the heavens and will carry on until I am actually so.
4 Fraternity. I am loyal to my brothers and sisters to the end.
4 Love. They say love has moved mountains; it certainly has moved me through the world.
5 Courage. The cause I fight for is too great to be afraid of failure.
6 Heroism. A hero is so because of his or her actions, and I aim to ensure that I am considered to be one.
7 Honor. I will uphold the honor of the coat-of-arms I represent.
8 Fame. They will sing fables and songs in my name when I am done with my quest.

d8 Bond
1 The shield my former mentor gave me is my most valuable possession.
2 The trusty steed on which I travel on is my best friend.
3 The love of my love is my life.
4 My role models are always on my mind and to this day I aspire to be like them.
5 My organization is the most important thing in the world; for it I would give my life.
6 My city and its people that are dearest to my heart.
7 The prayer of my faith brings warmth to my bosom.
8 The pursuit of my quest is what keeps me going.

d6 Flaw
1 I never quit a quest or endeavor, even if it means death.
2 I care more about fame and glory than about helping those in need.
3 I am too trusting those who seem to need help my help.
4 I often set impossible goals and belittle myself when I inevitably fail to accomplish them.
5 I am fiercely loyal, even if those who I am loyal to betray me.
6 I have a single-minded drive to finish my quest, and nothing or no-one will stop me.
7 I quickly jump to conclusions which result in me tilting at windmills .
8 I hold everyone to lofty standards and frown upon them whenever they do not meet them.


Prisoner.pngA prison cell has been your home for an untold amount of time. You have gown accustom to living in poor conditions and eating the gruel that was given or the rats that you caught. You have recently become reacquainted with freedom. Did someone buy your freedom, did you serve your time, or did you escape? What did you get convicted of? Are you innocent?

Crime Committed
Rather or not you are innocent and for good or bad this is the crime you committed and what you serving your time for.
d8 Crime
1 Murder
2 Theft
3 Forgery
4 Conspiracy
5 Heresy
6 Treason
7 Assaulting a Noble
8 Kidnapping

Skill proficiencies: Survival and Perception or Athletics
Tool proficiencies: game set or thieves tools
Equipment: Release papers declaring your freedom, 5 gold pieces, a trinket from life before prison, and traveler’s clothes. Variant: if you escaped, you instead start with tattered clothes, dechained shackles on your wrists, and one makeshift tool or weapon of escape (i.e. a piece of wood carved into a shovel)

Feature: Underworld Connections
Your time and prison has allowed you to become a part of a network of informants which allows you to have messages and small items delivered to/from anyone in all but the most secure prisons (DM’s discretion).

Variant: Slave Brand
You have a scar somewhere obvious on your body (such as the forehead or back of a hand) which denotes your slave status, as well as the identity of your owner (each noble house might have a different slave brand). In addition to the Underworld Connections feature, you also gain the Folk Hero’s Rustic Hospitality feature, applied to slaves instead of commoners.

Suggested characteristics: You have been in solitude for so long that you may have become estranged to social customs. You might have conversations with yourself. You might find comfort in being underground or it might bring back nightmares. You could have a few simple pleasures that most would take for granted.
d8 Personality Traits
1 I appreciate my freedom more than most and will never take it for granted.
2 I’ve been in prison for so long common experiences seem new to me again.
3 Now that I am free I want to do and try all the things life has to offer.
4 I have a tremendous empathy for those imprison or enslaved.
5 I long for the connections with my life before captivity.
6 Everything moves so fast in the outside world; I sometimes find myself wanting peace, quite, and solitude.
7 I have been broken and I am looking to rebuild myself.
8 Prison has changed me to the core and I have forgotten the person I use to be.

d6 Ideal
1 Greater Good. I have seen the ugly of this world and I will seek to correct it. (Good)
2 Law abiding. I made mistakes in my past life and I do not intend on repeating them. (Lawful)
3 Freedom. I have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything (Chaotic)
4 Atonement. I cannot change the past, so I must look to the future for change. (Neutral)
5 Torment. People need to experience suffering like I have felt. (evil)
6 Liberation. It is my responsibility to free others whenever I can (any but usually good)

d6 Bond
1 My bond is to those I loved in my past life.
2 I will always honor those that took part in getting my freedom.
3 Those I served time with are like brothers/sisters to me.
4 It is revenge I seek. Those that have wronged me will know my pain.
5 My life is now a blank slate and I now wish to give meaning to it.
6 My freedom is my life. I will do almost anything to keep it.

d6 Flaw
1 My time in prison has taught me how to be a better criminal.
2 The horrors I have experienced in prison haunt me.
3 I will never forgive those who have imprisoned me.
4 I dwell on my mistakes can never forgive myself for what I’ve done.
5 I enjoy my new freedoms of life a little too much.
6 It is difficult for me to connect anyone that hasn’t felt the pain I felt.


Inquisitor.pngYour job is to detect, apprehend, and condemn the wicked; as a full-fledged agent of an inquisition, you are part of a larger group, a notorious and feared organization. Typically, inquisitors hunt down heretics and enemies of the faith, but not all inquisitorial orders are religious in nature: many political authorities maintain their own private police of inquisitors, sworn to detect and punish conspirators against the crown. Perhaps your enemies are not sinners or rebels, but something far more dark and evil that your order swore to eradicate from the world.
Whatever the case, as an inquisitor you are sanctioned to act as detective, judge and jury. Feared and hated, you are nevertheless respected by those you stand to protect.

Skill proficiencies: Choose two from Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Religion
Tool Proficiencies: Torture tools
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: a badge of service (a holy symbol or a symbol of the authority you represent), a prayer book or law book, a scroll of authorization (to act as a sanctioned inquisitor), manacles, a set of office clothes, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Inquisitorial Order
What was the specific nature and purpose of the order you swore into? You and your DM can decide it based on your campaign setting, or you can choose or roll on the table below to determine what is your order like.

Inquisitorial order
1. Religious order hunting down heretics among the faithful.
2. Religious order dedicated to detect the enemies of the faith.
3. Secret religious order directed by the High Priest himself.
4. Fiend-hunting order.
5. Aberration-hunting order.
6. Secret police of the crown.
7. Order of inquisitors sworn to a powerful entity.
8 Order dedicated to the eradication of one or more races.

Sanctioned Inquisitor
Your position and your office are known to those who serve or obey the same authority as
you do. That same authority gave you the right to investigate with any mean and to rightfully condemn those you find guilty. In some cases you will have to cooperate with other inquisitors or similar agents, but even when not judge and jury you are a trusted and respected detective, one that nobody would dare to cross as long as he falls under his jurisdiction.

d8 Personality Traits
1. I prefer to maintain my affiliation a secret as long as I can. Nobody expects the Inquisition.
2. I tend to pose too many questions, even when I am not on duty.
3. There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.
4. My instinct never betrayed me, first impression is the best impression.
5. Everyone has his secrets, I must uncover them.
6. I can’t tolerate those that assume no responsibilities for their own actions.
7. I need to know all the available information before emitting a verdict.
8. I tend to annotate every detail, even the most insignificant ones.

d6 Ideals
1. Cruelty. When in doubt, I condemn them all: God will know His own. (Evil)
2. Leniency. To every sinner must be granted a chance to redeem himself. (Good)
3. Strictness. It is not my will that judges, I am the executor of a higher will. (Neutral)
4. Pliability. Every subject is a different case, I must bear no prejudice. (Chaotic)
5. Protection. My duty is to drive out the wolves that prey upon the herd. (Any)
6. Authority. Should I have doubts, I will always know who to turn to have in order to unravel them. (Lawful)

d6 Bonds
1. My master, the one who taught me when I was still a novice, has lost his way.
2. I personally granted freedom to a redeemed convict, and I am now responsible for his actions.
3. I delivered a harsh condemnation, and now the family of the victim wants to make me pay for it.
4. Even if we haven’t seen each other for years, my fellow inquisitors can always count on me.
5. A young novice of the Inquisition looks at me as an example.
6. The members of a different faction within the Inquisition are always breathing down my back.

d6 Flaws
1. I have a secret in the closet that could turn me from inquisitor to accused.
2. I find lack of faith disturbing.
3. I’m not new to use my authority in order to pursue personal goals.
4. I can’t suffer those who profess ideas different from mine.
5. I’m sure that there is a secret conspiracy against the Inquisition.
6. Those who are not with me are against me.


Magic_Book.jpegFrom the day you were born, your life was a part of some mad fairy tale. It’s likely that the events of the story led to your birth, and that you are but one player in some cosmic narrative. Perhaps your family was driven mad by the event, or perhaps you were somehow enchanted as the final line of the tale was written.
Regardless of what happened, when the story ended, you were forever marked. Your reasons for journeying are your own, but they likely include the desire to find new fairy tales, to undo the effects of what happened to those you loved, or to somehow find an answer or reason to whatever happened. It seems lucky (or unfortunate) that everywhere you go, fairy tales seem to follow. As the stories stitch themselves together, it’s starting to seem like your entire life is one neverending fable.

Skill proficiencies: Insight, Performance
Tool proficiencies: one type of gaming set of your choice and one type of tool of your choice
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a kit of your choice, a magical trinket from your fairy tale, a belt pouch containing 10 gp.

Fairy Tale Trinkets
When the story that changed you came to an end, you were likely left with some kind of relic from the event. This magical item as come to define you, and it may very well be the thing that keeps attracting fairy tales to you. Below is a list of ten possibilities.

1. A Golden Egg that cannot be cracked.
2. A magical bean that produces a towering beanstalk and then returns to normal size.
3. A pair of red slippers that sparkle when you click the heels together.
4. A fruit that makes you drowsy whenever you take a bite, and that always regenerates.
5. A small, handheld mirror that can answer mundane, pointless questions.
6. A pipe that, when smoked, produces odd phantasms in the rising stack.
7. The signet ring of a powerful leader you have never heard of. Sometimes it laughs at your jokes.
8. A toy soldier that has a tendency to leave your pocket to find nuts to crack.
9. An odd snowglobe that shows a strange, exaggerated version of the location you’re at.
10. A black hat that, at night, massages your scalp.

Feature: Tale Finder
Aspects of the world of stories call to you. You always know when there is a fey around, and you have a sixth sense for picking up small details that would otherwise implicate a fey’s involvement.

Suggested Characteristics
Storytouched are often colorful or robust characters that always seem to be interested in the narratives around them. They enjoy talking to people, hearing their stories, and telling them to others they meet on their adventures. Many, however, are left broken by the tales that birthed them. These storytouched listen to the tales of others only to find a way out of their own endless narrative.

d8 Personality Traits
1 The first thing I do when I meet a person is ask them what their story is.
2 When I’m bored, or even when I’m not, I like to come up with new riddles and tongue twisters.
3 If there’s a local superstition, I’m always quick to investigate it.
4 I keep a journal of everything that I see. Most of it is highly embellished.
5 I believe the entire world is one grand tale, and I want to see it through till the end.
6 It is hard for me to tell exaggerations from reality.
7 My life is controlled by patterns and everything I do must follow this outline.
8 When I hear a story and think it’s incomplete, I have to do my best to finish it.

d6 Ideal
1 Adventure. Every story is another adventure to be had. (Any)
2 Symbolism. Even the smallest details represent something grander. (Neutral)
3 Heroism. There must always be a hero to every story. (Good)
4 Change. There is always an end and there is always a new beginning (Chaotic)
5 Antagonist. Every story needs a great villain. (Evil)
6 Creativity. A lot can change if you give a fresh look to an old idea. (Neutral)

d6 Bond
1 I once saved a very important person from a very tall tower.
2 A child asked me once if I knew what happened to their parents. I am forever trying to finish that story.
3 A comrade and I were trapped in the Song, and only I made it out.
4 The talking animal following me around claims to be the king or queen of a far off land.
5 I know of a powerful evil tale that creates disasters wherever it goes and I seek to put an end to that story.
6 I’ve forgotten the story that created me and I want to remember.

d6 Flaw
1 No matter the story, I always involve my comrades for better or for worse.
2 I’m afraid to admit it to myself, but I would do anything to finish a tale – even kill an innocent.
3 I think everything is a story in disguise, a false world on top of the real one. I trust no one, not even myself.
4 I could save you… but if I let the dragon kidnap you, it’d make for a better tale in the end.
5 I don’t think I can tell reality from fiction anymore.
6 I am addicted to drugs that trap me in my fantastic dreams.


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