Glittering Jack

Glittering Jack was a famed Thrim bandit, highwayman, and murderer originally from the baronet of Eshington in the county of Mossley, in what is now the duchy of Carolshire in the fiefdom of Landsheart. He was most active as leader of his own bandit gang, the Jacks of No Trade, and was said to wear a coat of woven silver pieces in place of armor. A haughty and egotistical outlaw, Jack never met a target that intimidated him.

The Bandit King and the Iron Duke

In the days before the Vampire War, Jack was operating under the moniker of “the Bandit King” in Eshington. After regularly harassing merchants and traders for just over a month, he won the ire of the Baron Eshington after holding up the Lady Ampleforth on her way to visit the Baron on her husband’s behalf.

Furious, the Baron sent his second son, Reece, to put down the bandit. Reece did indeed find Jack, catching him with his pantaloons down in the woods, and dragged him back to Langdale, the village which surrounded Castle Eshington. Putting him into stocks, Reece invited all those who had been wronged by the highwayman to come and bid for the right to execute him themselves, hoping to cement his reputation in front of a great many vassal knights. The knights came, and Knight Ampleforth paid 500 silvers for the right of execution, which was to be performed publicly the following day.

That night, however, Jack escaped the stocks with the aid of his gang, scaled the east tower of Castle Eshington, and caught the ambitious Reece defenseless in his bed. He humiliated Reece by putting him in irons, clasping his right ankle behind his back to his left wrist, and his right wrist to his left ankle in suit. The thief then took Knight Ampleforth’s winning bid, and a bow alongside it, telling Reece that he would “wear his earnings with pride.” Thus did the “Bandit King” become Glittering Jack.

Glittering Jack

The bandit went on to make great profit for himself, as well as a great name, after fleeing Eshington. Eventually, he wound up in Westhold, where he proved a thorn in the side of many a noble lord during the Vampire War and the Third Rise. Legends arose about the famous bandit. Some said he was a being of pure magic, sparkling with starlight. Others claimed he was Loro’Mir himself, punishing those who had fallen. Still others claimed he only stole in order to have enough to feed his “monster cock” as the legend goes, which could eat a grown man and pleasure three needy women in less than five minutes. Most of these legends are believed to have been made up by Jack himself.

Still, Jack became a talked about figure and a recurring problem for those in Westhold, and whatever the truth might be, many a rich man (and many a poor) have found their coffers lessened by Glittering Jack and the Jacks of No Trade.

Glittering Jack

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