History of Civilization

The King’s Calendar

Date notation in Thrimichath is based on two notations: “On the Eve of Civilization” (abbreviated as EC), denoting a number of years before the beginning of Thrimichai’s crusade, and “The Civilized Era” (abbreviated as CE), denoting a number of years after the same.

A year is the time between one winter and the next. There are thirteen months in a year, each containing four seven-day weeks, for a total of 364 days in a year.

The months are ordered as follows:

  1. Brennus
  2. Reinus
  3. Geoff
  4. Arturiel
  5. Droy
  6. Amune
  7. Tybie
  8. Balust
  9. Teodrier
  10. Averier
  11. Cecilier
  12. Rendier
  13. Uruary

The days of each week are ordered as follows:

  1. Dawn
  2. Mansday
  3. Landsday
  4. Windsday
  5. Lordsday
  6. Skysday
  7. Dusk


c. 2400 EC. Earliest records of civilization in Sammbenath, pointing to the existence of the orc republic of Samash in what is now Karash Huruk

c. 2200 EC. Earliest records of elven culture in Gwaeron; archeological evidence suggests unity between elves and orcs

c. 2000 EC. Evidence of war between Samash and a large dwarf hold, possible origin of dwarf/orc hostilities

c. 1630 EC. First paleontological evidence of dragons, though some sources suggest possible older origin deep beneath even the lowest dwarven holds; evidence of war with dragons

c. 1620 EC. Likely date of burning of Karash (“Beautiful Garden” in orcish) and renaming to Karash Huruk (“Beautiful Garden of Rock”); possible date (based on dwarf records) for defeat of dragons at the hands of those considered the gods of the dwarven pantheon; evidence of heavy societal change in Samash, move towards militarization and strict rationing of resources

c. 1570 EC. Evidence of a great fire in Samash Ung, capital of Samash; also evidence of internment camps for the holding of elves, suggesting perhaps elven freedom fighters or disgruntled slaves as source of arson

c. 1300 EC. All over world, records indicate great flash of light; also around this time earliest records of human civilization in what is now Thrimichath as well as founding of Hisime; earliest recorded use of magic

c. 1200 EC. Earliest records of orc enslavement by Hisime, last remnants of Samash fall; Gwaeron founded

c. 1000 EC. Beginning of the reign of the Warlock Kings over most of what is now Thrimichath

c. 800 EC. First meeting between men and elves

c. 500 EC. Earliest records of halfling society

c. 350 EC. Niklaus von Bogovich comes to power in the Riverlands of what is now Thrimichath, somehow attains immortality and demonic powers

c. 200 EC. Dwarven kingdoms migrate fully underground

c. 170 EC. Halfling nation of Maiba founded

38 EC. King Thrimichai born

CE 1. Thrimichai begins his crusade, Thrimichath founded, Church of the Green Way founded

CE 11. Logren built, capital of Thrimichath relocated

CE 17. Thrimichai retires from crusade; Urien promoted to Lord Knight

CE 34. Niklaus von Bogovich killed by the Knights Thirteen

CE 35. Battle of the Line

CE 36. Lord Knight Urien betrays the crown, War of Treachery begins

CE 39. Founding of the Knights Innumerable

CE 43. End of War of Treachery, death of Urien and the last of the Warlock Kings

CE 51. Death of King Thrimichai

CE 112. First human contact with orcs

CE 118. King Eldacar of Thrimichath spearheads alliance of Gwaeron, Khordaldros, and Thrimichath to eliminate orcs

CE 120. Allied discovery of High Elves behind orc menace

CE 127. Siege of Hisime; Knight-Cleric Eobard kills Feolfe, Emperor of Hisime; Thrimich garrison installed in Hisime; Hisime declared vassal state of Thrimichath

CE 128. Founding of Venifici Collegiate

CE 142. Founding of Thangorodrim

CE 155. Halfling nation of Frieda founded

CE 166. Lost elven sailing expedition from Gwaeron, possible origin of Narwine elves

CE 174. Beginning of orc slave trade between Thrimichath, Gwaeron, Khordaldros, and Thangorodrim

CE 183. Discovery of Tolvath by human sailors

CE 199. Discovery of Escar by the explorer Escarde, for whom the continent is named

CE 201. Founding of the colony of Lithe

CE 269. Halfling slavery in goblin kingdom begins

CE 346. Lithe requests southward expansion, King Ealdhert pulls funding to build summer palace – beginning of Lith rebellion

CE 367. Thrimich garrison leave Hisime, Hisime granted independence

CE 388. Halfling exodus from goblin kingdom, Paela founded

CE 406. Lithe granted independence from Thrimichath, nation of Lithe founded

CE 410. Hisime installs new Eternal Emperor

CE 420. Prison colony of Solmath founded

CE 664. Governing house of Lithe destroyed by strange sunlight, Adahm declares Solmath free nation, wins independence

CE 665. Orc slaves rebel in Lithe, quickly defeated; outlawing of weapons and magical teaching outside military and nobility in Lithe

CE 677. Aidan Confederacy formed between three halfling nations

CE 685. Explorers from Solmath first encounter overland goblin kingdom, incite civil war between Chief Erskng and King Shib Yster, causing split between kingdom into Hnnglk and Mgrik

CE 686. Solmathi settlers forced to withdraw from goblin land

CE 698. Cirdyl Hellraiser of Hisime creates first undead

CE 699. Cirdyl creates first humanoid undead, Cult of Life begins to form around his practice

CE 701. Emperor of Hisime infiltrates Cult of Life and kills Cirdyl, marking his followers with darkened skin and whitened hair and setting them off to sea; Lord Bishop Frye of the Church of the Green Way declares necromancy the “greatest threat to the good folk of the world since Feolfe the Hated”

CE 704. Founding of Fallowhearth by Cirdyl’s followers, the dark elves; rumors surface in Solmath of a “people of giants, with skin of steel, mountains of riches, and the most prosperous fields in all the kingdoms” who come from the south of the goblin kingdoms

CE 708. Following persistent rumors, Prince Yriel of Solmath partners with Gwaeron, launches 300-man expedition to discover steel giants

CE 709. Yriel’s remaining party of 12 finally encounter Steel Folk, which lead them to their builders – the halflings of the Aidan Confederacy; trade with Aidan Confederacy brings new era of prosperity

CE 777. Dwarves of Khordaldros create first subterranean passageways through the Deep to Escar, discovering the goblins of Vrrntg Krk at the same time and beginning eternal war between the two races

CE 790. Culling of all high-elves in Hisime not born with magical talent, law instituted to kill “defective” children at time of birth

CE 810. Dark elf attempts to resurrect the dead result in the accidental creation of the vampire

CE 1001. Vampires become a major plague in the Waste

CE 1021. Vampires become a major plague in Thrimichath and Thangorodrim

CE 1052. Vampires become a major plague in Gwaeron

CE 1126. Vampires become a major plague in Escar

CE 1129. Hisime declares war on Fallowhearth

CE 1229. War of Life comes to a stalemate, Hisime withdraws from Fallowhearth – peace never declared

CE 1244. Narwain discovered by human explorers, promptly left alone

CE 1598. Hisime experiences out-of-control overpopulation, begins preparing for war of expansion, creating several horrific monstrosities forged from magical experiments on beasts of the wild

CE 1606. Trade disputes lead to war between Gwaeron and Thangorodrim

CE 1607. Thrimichath joins Thangorodrim in war against Gwaeron for fear of losing access to dwarven goods and craft, some say due in part to manipulation by a shadowy criminal figure who some speculate to be the Shade, or at least the first of many to bear that title

CE 1609. Lord Knight Shemarn of Thrimichath enacts the atrocity now known as the Burning of the Wood; Godwin the Gracious and Renwick the Bold dispatched to capture him; peace declared between the three kingdoms

CE 1610. Shemarn escapes and flees with his army into the Waste

CE 1624. Hisime invades Gwaeron, capturing it with ease

CE 1625. Hisime captures Fallowhearth; goblins of Vrrntg Krk swear allegiance to Hisime and attack Escar from below; Shemarn and his forces swear allegiance to Hisime

CE 1626. Aidan Confederacy, on the verge of defeat at the hands of the goblins, receive unexpected aid from orcs of the hitherto unknown isle of Dugash; goblins of Mgrik refuse to yield to their subterranean cousins, allying for the first time in recorded history with the other races of the world; Hngglk surrenders to Vrrntg Krk

CE 1627. Thrimichath and Thangorodrim attacked by Hishite forces, enter the war

CE 1629. Godwin the Gracious kills Shemarn

CE 1631. Knights of Godwin founded

CE 1633. Narwain enters the war against Hisime and Vrrntg Krk

CE 1653. Final attack on Hisime, Knight-Paladin Lawrence severs the head of the Hishite Emperor, ending the War of the Second Rise

CE 1655. Free World Council established to help keep peace between kingdoms

CE 1658. Knight-Paladin Lawrence afflicted with Vampiric curse in battle, begins quest for cure armed with holy relics of the church including the sword and shield of Cecily Godsdaughter of the Knights Thirteen, becoming first to walk the Path of Dawn

CE 1660. Knight-Paladin Lawrence disappears, presumed dead

CE 1705. Occupation of Hisime by Free World Council ended, First Hishite Republic founded

CE 1793. Impoverished Hishite Republic, longing for the old days of power, elects new Eternal Emperor, abolishes senate

CE 1802. Thrimichath cedes the isle of Tolvath to the Council; Universal Spire built on Tolvath

CE 1891. 28,000 reported deaths at the hands of vampires in a single year, Free World Council orders the Purge

CE 2330. Rumors of an enemy gathering in the dark surface in the Waste, causing Lord Knight Falcone to begin an investigation; Roger of Hnnglk, Matthias the Gravewalker, Flynnderin the Mystical and Hafthor the Mighty begin their search for a cure for vampirism

CE 2331. Casaubon and Vampiric forces destroy Universal Spire, killing most of the council and beginning the Vampire War

CE 2333. Roger and new companion Leph of Lithe discover the Font Arcanum, capable serving as a substitute of sapient blood for vampires

CE 2334. Casaubon refuses peace offer from Council, demands unfettered access to Font Arcanum; Roger and Leph join the side of the vampires and kill Lord Knight Falcone, earning the names Worldsbane and Neckbreaker; Lord Gaedyn Allure kills Casaubon, ending the Vampire War and sending Leph and Roger into hiding; Dwimmerlaik founded and declared an official fief of Thrimichath

CE 2335. The Free World Council abolished due to disagreements over the handling of the Vampire War

CE 2336. Gwaeron captured by orc forces led by high elves from Hisime

CE 2337. War of the Third Rise begins in full force as the ten generals of Hisime spread across the world; Emperor of Hisime reveals himself to be the same Emperor killed twice before

CE 2338. Rebellion of the Confederacy of Lords begins in Thrimichath, inciting copycat rebellions by the Outlander tribes under the King-in-Thorns and the vampires of Dwimmerlaik under the leadership of Silas Elliot

CE 2340. Gwaeron freed from Hishite rule by rebellious orc chief Kaldur-Akhar, citing help from Roger Worldsbane and Leph Neckbreaker

CE 2341. Aidan Confederacy, Hnnglk, and Mgrik freed from Hishite rule by Roger and Leph; Roger unites Goblin kingdoms under his rule; manipulation of Confederacy of Lords by the High Elves discovered by the Crown, magic outlawed in Thrimichath, leading to creation of the Venifici Militant

CE 2342. The Neckbreaker forges, then betrays pact with Ministerial Committee of Lithe, makes off with 3000 men to fight in the Six-Fingered War and the War of the Third Rise, forming the sixth faction of the Six-Fingered War

CE 2343. King Cirion the Beardless killed, supplanted by Aegherdt the Hero King, ending the Six Fingered War; the Neckbreaker kills Asherah, Lord of Dragons, and traps Hishite Emperor Feolfe in a stony prison of his own making; petrified Feolfe placed in Museum of Victories in Logren across from Knight-Cleric Eobard’s shield

CE 2350. Weapons of the Knights Thirteen in possession of the Crown of Thrimichath go missing and/or are stolen, Feolfe disappears from Museum of Victories

CE 2352. Cult activity reported in the Weland Valley region of Skyreach

CE 2358. The Iron Duke Announces the rule of King Philip, bastard son of Cirion the Beardless, over the chain of Islets known as Lesvus, marking the official creation of Caynith and the beginning of hostilities between Caynith and Thrimichath

CE 2359. King-in-Thorns swears his men to the cause of Caynith, King Philip signs mutual protection pact with Narwain

CE 2360. Hostilities increase between Caynith and Thrimichath as Lord Knight Dakovya of Thrimichath calls for Lord Diplomat Leph Neckbreaker to enter the fray and finish what he started against Narwain during the Vampire Wars

CE 2361. Series of turncoat lords in Thrimichath lead to the King ordering forces back across the mountains, abandoning Dwimmerlaik to Caynith

CE 2363. Sir Aeldin Grimrite of Landsheart defeats Corsair King at sea, unites fleet of pirates under the banner of the King of Thrimichath

CE 2364. An organized legion of Orcs marching under the united banner of the Akhar clan marches into the Waste and takes the town of Aberdovy, spreading quickly from there; strange activity by fiendish spirits begins to occur across the world, causing the Lord Bishop of the Church of the Green Way to declare a crusade, with Knight-Imperator Nullius at the head.

History of Civilization

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