(The following is a speech given by Bishop Dunstan of Beldrin’s Bluff, after being commanded by Sir Oslaf Trabe to do something to calm down the masses, who were on the brink of rebellion. The impromptu speech had the desired effect, and is considered one of the greatest speeches ever uttered by man. Ironically, two days after the speech, Trabe was struck by lightning and killed, leading to a cult growing around Dunstan despite his protests, which resulted in his execution for heresy.)


Just wait!

For about nine out of ten of life’s tangles, the best solution is waiting.

The greatest healer in the world is time. Time is the eternal mother, who knits and darns and weaves away forever fixing up her children’s patches.

It is time that covers the gnarled tree with lichens, and the old wall with ivy; brings the green grass and daisies to flourish above the graves; closes all wounds, hides all deformities, veils all ugliness with beauty, settles all quarrels, ends all wars, and hides at last all scars with mothering love.

Are you distressed over your boy? Give him time. He will grow out of those conditions that alarm you.

Don’t worry over the girl! There are certain fool stages every child must pass through. Sit tight and wait!

There are many evils you cannot cure now; they are stubborn and defy every medicine; but if you let them alone they will disappear.

Very often when you are worried because you do not know what to do, the best thing to do is nothing. Wait! Keep calm! Keep your head and your heart! Bring up your reserves! Time is busy meanwhile. And time is the wisest of all doctors.

You want success. You have done – are doing – your best. You do not understand why your efforts do not avail. You become impatient. Perhaps bitter. Wait! Realize that your exertions are only one part of your success. The other part is time.

Don’t fret! Your own is waiting for you, somewhere. Your own will come to you. If you have the courage, not only to labor, but to wait.

The great loom of the universe is working, preparing your fabric of triumph. The days and years are your allies. You cannot hasten destiny. The only thin you can get in a hurry is trouble. One rash act can precipitate sorrow and remorse. But your goal of happiness can be reached by no sudden dash. Only the darkness can be accelerated, in the blowing out of a candle or the snuffing of a torch, but the dawn comes only with time. So do the best you can, and leave the results with time.

For time is another name for our god, the cosmic process, destiny, that power not of ourselves that eventually has its way with us and with all men.

In all your plans, do not forget time.


Just wait!


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