You are a natural leader of men. Wherever you go, your friends will follow. Though your enemies outnumber you a hundred to one, your allies do not back down. You are made of greater stuff than the common soldier, and all who meet you can see that you are destined for something great.


Class Features
Hit Dice: 1d10 per Warlord level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Con
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 + Con per Warlord level

Armor: All except Shields
Weapons: All simple weapons, plus all melee martial weapons or all ranged martial weapons
Tools: Healer’s Kit

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Choose Three – Athletics, History, Intimidate, Medicine, Persuasion, Deception

Command Tactics
You are such an experienced leader that you may affect those around you with spell-like abilities called Command Tactics without using any sort of magic. Command Tactics follow all of the rules for spellcasting, except that they are considered non-magical for all intents and purposes, and that the requirement of material components for any of your tactics are ignored. Instead, in order to use one of your Command Tactics, you must be holding either a banner or a horn in one hand.

Tactics Per Day
Your Warlord level determines the number of Warlord Command Tactics that you can utilize of 1st level or higher, as noted in the Warlord table. You do not have to learn or prepare Command Tactics; all of them are always available upon reaching the required level.
To utilize one of these Command Tactics, you must expend a Tactics Slot of the Command Tactic’s level or higher. On a short rest, you regain a level of Tactics Slots equal to the number of companions resting with you. I.E, if you have four companions, you may regain either one level 4 Tactic Slot, or four level 1 Tactics Slots. On a long rest, you regain all expended Tactics Slots. Each day, every Warlord Command Tactic of a level you can utilize is available to you.

Command Ability
Charisma is considered your “Spellcasting” ability for your Warlord Tactics.
Saving Throw DC: The DC to resist one of your spells equals 8 + your Charisma modifier + your Proficiency Bonus.
Command Attack Modifier: You may add a bonus equal to your proficiency bonus + your Charisma Modifier to any attack rolls made as a part of one of your Warlord Tactics.

Fighting Styles (Choose at Level 1):
Dueling: While you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain +2 damage bonus with that weapon.
Great Weapon Fighting: While wielding a two-handed weapon, you may re-roll damage results of 1 or 2, but you must use the second result.
Defense: You gain +1 to your AC while wearing armor.
Protection: When a creature you can see attacks a target other than you that is within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. You must be wielding a shield.
Battle Vigor: At the start of combat, when initiative is rolled, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Warlord level. These temporary hit points are lost at the end of the encounter if they remain.
Low Blows: When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, its speed is reduced by ten feet until the end of its next turn.
Phalanx: When you and at least two other friendly creatures are all within five feet of a single hostile creature, none of you are incapacitated, and no other hostile creatures are also within five feet of any of the three of you, you have advantage on all attack rolls against that creature.
Heavy Cavalry: When mounted, you may move through the paths of hostile creatures. Any affected creature not wielding either a spear or a weapon with the “reach” quality that deals piercing damage must make a dexterity save with a DC equal to your mount’s strength or fall prone. If an affected creature is wielding such a weapon, they may use their reaction to make an opportunity attack against you when you come into contact with you. If their attack misses, they are knocked prone. If it hits, you and your mount are stopped in place.

Back on Your Feet
As a bonus action, you may aid a conscious creature within five feet of you, granting them hit points equal to d10 plus your warlord level. You may perform this feature once per short or long rest.

Combat Leader
Beginning at second level, when you enter combat, you may roll a d4 before the first turn is taken. Add the number rolled to the initiative roll of a number of allies that can see or hear you equal to the number rolled. At fifteenth level this bonus increases to a d6.

Command Styles
At third level, you may choose Inspiring Leader or Demoralizing Foe as your command style, detailed at the end of this class entry.

Coordinated Offensive
Beginning at fifth level, you may, when you take the attack action, designate an ally who can see or hear you. They may use their reaction to make an immediate weapon attack against a creature of their choice within range. At 11th level in this class, you may direct two attacks with this ability, and three at twentieth level. No single ally may make more than one attack in this manner on any given turn, even if they have an ability that otherwise would allow them to use more than one reaction.

Adaptive Stratagem
Beginning at sixth level, you may roll two d20 after each long rest. You may, at any point before taking another long rest, expend one of these dice to replace any creature’s attack roll with this roll.

Proof Through the Night
Beginning at tenth level, you may, as an action, raise or wave a banner. All creatures affiliated with that banner gain advantage on attack rolls until the beginning of your next turn. You may not use this ability again until you have completed a short or long rest.

Devastating Offensive
Beginning at eighteenth level, attacks granted by your Coordinated Offensive class feature add your Charisma modifier to the damage roll if they hit.

Inspiring Leader

Hold the Line
Starting at 3rd level, when you take the attack action, one ally who can see or hear you gains the benefit of half cover and cannot be forcibly moved from their position by non-magical means for up to one minute, as long as they remain in sight of you and you are not incapacitated. Once you have used this ability, you may not use it again until you complete a short or long rest. When you reach 5th, 11th, and 15th level, this ability may affect one additional ally each.

Forward Momentum
Starting at 3rd level, whenever an ally who can see you drops an enemy to 0 hit points, he gains temporary hit points equal to your Warlord level.

Tactical Insertion
Once you reach 6th level, you may declare a specific mission (i.e., sneak past the enemy defenses, convince the baron to send forces to a battle, or scale a large mountain) that may be resolved with a skill challenge. You may then spend an hour of planning to give a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier advantage on any ability checks that contribute toward the success of a mission.

Invigorating Assault
Beginning at 14th level, whenever you hit an enemy with an attack, you may expend one or more hit dice to regain the associated amount of hit points. In addition, any ally who hits the same enemy before the beginning of your next turn may also spend one or more of their hit dice to regain hit points.

Demoralizing Foe

Threatening Presence
Starting at 3rd level, when you take the attack action, you may roll a Charisma (Intimidate) to force any number of creatures of your choice that can see you to make a Wisdom saving throw or be Frightened of you until the end of your next turn. You may use this feature once per short or long rest.

Immovable Object
Starting at 3rd level, when an opponent drops one of your allies to 0 hit points, you may immediately move up to your movement speed toward the creature that made the attack and make an attack against that creature. Alternatively, you may forgo this opportunity and instead command a creature of your choice to do the same, if it elects to do so.

Complete Disarray
Beginning at 6th level, you may expend a Tactics Slot to force a number of enemies creatures of your choice equal to the level of the slot expended that can hear you to roll a Wisdom Save. On a failed save, a creature is frightened for 1 minute. A creature may attempt to repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success. Once a creature has saved from this effect it cannot be affected by it again in the same day. At 11th level, you may add 1 to the DC for each hostile creature you or your allies have killed since rolling for Initiative.

Unstoppable Force
Once you reach 14th level, whenever you hit an enemy with an attack, you may expend one or more hit dice to deal extra damage equal to the number of hit points you would have regained. In addition, any ally who hits the same enemy before the beginning of your next turn may also spend one or more of their hit dice to deal this extra damage.

Tactics List:

Level 1:
Blade Ward
True Strike
Vicious Mockery
Spare the Dying
Compelled Duel

Level 2:
Enhance Ability
Find Traps
Calm Emotions

Level 3:
Feign Death
Crusader’s Mantle**
Mass Healing Word
Life Transference

Level 4:
Death Ward
Freedom of Movement

Level 5
Legend Lore
Mass Cure Wounds
Skill Empowerment

*The ceremonies you perform are military in nature, rather than religious. For example, Atonement might be granting grace to a deserter or a traitor, while Dedication might be welcoming a new recruit to the fold. Coming of Age could be represented as the final stage of military training, and of course charismatic Warlords are often called upon to perform weddings or funerals. You may not, however, create holy water with this spell.

**The extra damage dealt from this spell is considered the same type as the weapon that dealt it, rather than radiant. For example, a character wielding a shortsword would deal d6 piercing damage from the shortsword, plus d4 piercing damage from Crusader’s Mantle. A character wielding a magical longsword would deal d8 magical slashing damage from their longsword, plus d4 magical slashing damage from Crusader’s Mantle.


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